Part 1: Dreams of Diaspora, an Introduction

In this Ethnobiography, I sought to explore the following questions: How might I be perceived through the lens of individuals from differing sociocultural backgrounds? ANOTHER ONE PUT. and How does my relationship to spirituality or a higher power affect my day to day experience in the world? I explore my cultural presenting factors, mental health journey, as well as my sociocultural background and heritage. Throughout the blog, there are posts discussing topics alongside relevant research, family narratives and pictures, poetry, Irish Folk songs, and corresponding and YouTube videos. I invite you click, read, watch, listen, and explore. Blog posts in lieu of a APA paper formatting will be segmented into the below outline for your navigating and reading convenience. APA citations are included on all research, quotes, and media that is not from my own personal archives.

Part 1: Dreams of Diaspora, an Introduction

Part 2: Irish Roots

I. "In my Dreams I Flee"

II. "Stowaway Narratives"

Part 3: Southern Family & Spirituality

I. "Children Listen"

II. "God and Self Worth

Part 4: Systemic Deficiencies

I. "Discipline and dis-Ability"

Part 5: Acknowledgment of Privilege

I. "The dis-Advantage of Color Blindness"

2. Binary Relations

Part 6: Conclusion & Reference Page

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