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s e l f s t r e p o

"  From San Francisco, daniel jacob self and Felipe Restrepo come together once a fortnight to celebrate the fabric of their friendship: humor, spirituality, and social justice... with perhaps a sprinkling of endearing neuroticism.   "

s e l f  m a d e  m a n n

"  From NYC to Berkeley, Eric Mann and daniel jacob self meet to examine the ideas, philosophies, and spiritual realities intrinsic to their daily lives.  "

s e l f   c o n s c i o u s

"  One man battles himself through a microphone. 

                                    Incredible musicians pitch in to try and help. "

s e l f  t a l k

"   Once a month, the nuclear Selfs check in on life, the universe, and everything. Join Peggy, Perry, daniel, and Sean for a window into the heart of a family committed to personal growth, communication, and love.   "